Yeah, the post title might be misleading. Since I take you on a journey over Nutrition & Energy (mind the cute little yellow icons), I really mean nuts. This question is thus directed to men and women alike. I know we’re not squirrels and don’t need to gather the little fruit to have something to eat for the winter.

Fruit? Yes indeed: Nuts are fruit.

The more important question for you is: Are they healthy? My admittedly blur answer is: It depends. Of course, they’re better for your physical well-being than your ordinary 1 pound Angus steak. Run a field test. Anyway, how healthy are they compared to other plant based food? They come after fresh fruit & vegetables as well as seeds. Why’s that?

First the good news: Nuts contain a lot of proteins & carbs.

They’ve vitamins and minerals en mass. Just ask Google about your favorite sort, its nutritional value and impact on your health. Also, nuts are rich in easily digestible proteins, fiber and carbs. In fact, they’re a very dense food.

And that is the problem: Too much high-caloric food can cause issues

Apes eat high-fluid or low-caloric food like fresh fruit & vegetables. High octane water in fresh fruit & vegetables contains energy and thus supports life. If a chimp doesn’t find greens or bananas, it eats seeds as a dietary fallback. Seeds contain premature life. They’re dense too yet healthier than nuts. Learn from our closest relatives in the animal kingdom: Eat nuts in moderation. If you consider them as the foundation of you food pyramid plus drink too less, you might face digestion problems eventually. Note to myself: I need to manage my secret sin of peanut-banana-shakes more tightly…

Bottom line, get nuts and enjoy them. They’re great travel snacks. Yet always treat them as such. Keep your balance in an ExperienceZone fashion.