I do it every day. Under the shower. Whilst ironing my shirts. In my car. I sing where ever and whenever appropriate. A great way to express myself in a playful way. It seems like there’s a specific positive impact of singing in a group though. Let’s investigate this one the ExperienceZone way.

Singing is a beautiful social act

I can write books about the pros of singing. Well, first off: I’m probably not a “good” singer. Yet, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plus it doesn’t matter if your singing voice sounds good to you or others. All that matters is that you do it. Become an experienced singer. Why’s that? In a nutshell: Through regulated breathing, and the resonance the tune creates with your body, you strengthen your immune system, release stress and produce endorphins.

Group singing bears additional benefits. By joining a choir or band, you become part of a social network. Since we’re all social beings, you’ll discover an additional positive impact on your well-being just by the act of getting together with others on a regular basis. What’s more? Collective singing seems to be a multiplier of all the advantages described above. Moreover, the music you create jointly will challenge you to adjust to the dynamics of the group. This will improve your intuitive intelligence, empathy and eventually emotional intelligence.

I recently visited a local choir. Although my Swiss German is everything else than perfect, I chipped into their songs. Stunningly, goose bumps appeared punctually. This kind of “skin orgasm” emerges once you experience flow during passages, which touch you emotionally. To this end, singing can be compared to a drug . Hold your horses: It’s a healthy one, which I recommend everyone to get addicted to.

Join the musical fun!

How do you dive into the experience and get the most out this great hobby? Here’re my recommendations:

  1. Do it yourself. You like music? Great! Then tune into it. Start to sing regularly. It doesn’t matter if you know the text (or even if the music contains text). Make it up. Whenever you’re alone and listen to music, sing out loud. If you’re sitting in a bus or train in company with your earphones on, at least hum or “sing into you”.
  2. Join a group. Are you a spiritual person? Good for you! Visit the local choir. Become a member. Work with others to improve your skills. Otherwise you can join a band. You don’t know anyone running one, then found your own band! It can consist of your partnerfamily members or friends.
  3. Hang in there. Singing is an ubiquitous Recreation & Fun activity. There’s no age limit. It guarantees a healthy and long life. So find or create a great environment, which makes you feel comfortable – to sing alone and in a group. Make singing a daily habit and experience its magic.