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Why fun is an indicator of happiness

Fun, joy and satisfaction. All three terms represent moments of pleasure. Yet they seem to be of volatile nature – unpredictable in their appearance and disappearance. How can you preserve these occurrences or even transform them into a deeper and sustainable state of mind? Let’s investigate this one the ExperienceZone way.

Happiness is a choice – not a reaction

If this is so, we need to start from square one. This is where you make the most important decision in life: Do you want to be a victim or creator. Latter requires self-determination. Once you took full responsibility (better accountability) for your life, you want to work on your attitudes. In other words: The glasses need to be half-full going forward.

Why’s that important? The way you choose (or better “decide”, as a decision is exclusive and action based) to look at life impacts your inner processes. Gratefulness towards your past (e.g. the education I received) and confidence towards your future (e.g. the career I’ll have), creates a flow. The state in which everything works almost effortlessly and the right things seem to “happen” at the right time. Your flow is as stronger as your level of gratefulness and confidence.

There is an ExperienceZone recreation & fun continuum. It goes like this: Fun, joy and satisfaction are temporary phenomenons often caused by external triggers. Happiness is a sustainable state fueled by backward-looking gratefulness and forward-looking confidence. The combination of both create a flow in the present moment. Contentment is the result of surfing the happiness wave. It fuels your heart with rich experiences and reassures you to be on the right track. You calm down as you know that you don’t miss anything and that everything which happens has a reason and is good for you eventually (even if you don’t see the master plan behind the curtain instantly).

How do you live a happy life?

Yeah, there’s research around this. I don’t want to come up with my top ten advises. You can buy a book and read it over a good cup of tea. I only recommend you three simple steps:

  1. Run a personality analysis. Why is the pursue of happiness such a hype these days? Reason being, people are often confused in this complex and faster spinning world. Whilst being addicted to thinking about the outside world, they forgot what it takes to simply be. “Being” on the one hand side requires accepting external stimulus via your senses without judging them (like the smell of fresh coffee) whilst being grounded. Grounding can be reinforced physically and requires emotional stability. Latter you gain through a personality analysis. It helps you to find out where you’re from, who you’re and where you want to go (as a basis for your mission and aims in life).
  2. Decide to live a self-determined life. Self-determination implies accepting full responsibility for your life, i.e. what happened in the past and what will take place in the future. It requires you to finally jump on the driver seat. Of course, there’re other factors impacting your destiny like driving through rush-hour traffic. Yet, unconditional accountability makes you lighter (since you don’t need to blame anyone else) and gives you a boost of extra energy (since you are the designer of your life).
  3. Change your attitudes. Your attitudes represent the raw materials of words. Words shape the thoughts and thus feelings of yourself plus other people. As outside, so inside and vice versa: A two-way street, whereas the importance of this direction recently increased. I talk positive, I think positive thoughts and have good feelings. Also, I plant my ideas including their qualities into the heads of others.

Why recreation is productive time

Many people including me are productivity junkies nowadays. I used to slice my day into hourly units. 0630am wake-up and work-out. 0630am breakfast. 0700am way to work. 5-6 meals every 3 hours. Structured busyness is great to pow down roadblocks and slay dragons along the way. Yet slowly I felt exhaustion creeping up. What happened?

Busyness can make you addicted and overshoot the mark

If you push for success, it will inevitably show up. You create your own future with immediate effective actions. Successes satisfy your brain and make you feel good. You throw something in. You get something out. If it’s the desired outcome, you soon behave like a Pavlonian dog.

However, everything in your life needs to be balanced. In case you consider Recreation & Fun as non-productive, you’ll soon feel a gap. It might show up in form of missing creativity or simply lust for life.

Take time to recreate and have fun!

The continent Recreation & Fun is fully dedicated to doing those things you love without thinking about making money, building relationships, eating healthy or working out. If you think that recreation is unproductive time, you’re dead wrong. In contrast: It can be the most important time of your day, since you realign and reset your minds. That builds the foundation for creativity. Re-creation means you’re re-creating your-self, your personality and life. It’s one of the most precious capabilities in a clockwork-like world, in which most people function without questioning what they’re doing how and why.

Creativity is an expression of you passions.

You’re following your passions. This cheer act will recharge your mental as well as emotional batteries. To this end you’ll feel happiness and eventually contentment. Here’re the steps:

  1. Know your passions. Run a personality analysis to get to know yourself.
  2. Choose hobbies which are aligned to your passions. Whether it’s collecting stamps or going to your local chess club, try some activities and check if they make fun. A good indication is always if you lose track of time in the process.
  3. Carve out time to recreate every day. Do something which fulfills you on a daily basis. Schedule time for it. And: Don’t take life too serious. You’re only a couple of decades on this planet. Fulfill our collective mission: Have fun!

Fun is your life compass!

Try to reminisce some moments from your childhood or teenage years: Which ones do you remember? Most likely those of excitement, joy or love. You may also recall anger, disappointment and losses. Why do you think that is? Because you tag emotions – love or fear – or derived feelings to memories. Emotions are those inner allies, which trigger actions – internally and externally. They make you experience things and turn these into memories in hindsight. That’s one of the fundamental truths we leverage to learn and grow together at ExperienceZone.

When boy meets girl…

…or thought meets emotion, they make feelings. Emotions are their mothers. They’re rooted in your gut. Your enteric nervous system (ENS) or gut-brain produces them. There are only two emotions: Love and fear. Love is focusing on what you want. Fear is focusing on what you don’t want. Both cannot coexist yet do emerge in various intensities. Thoughts are the fathers. They represent the analytical male energy, which contextualize and evaluate emotions. Once that happens, feelings arise.

Fun is a feeling caused by love and mental awareness of the very moment.

Fun, pleasure and joy represent harbingers of great experiences. The more you dive into them, the more likely you’ll remember these moments on your deathbed. At the same time, they give you feedback: “Way to go! You are on the right track”. Track to where? Towards living your mission and accomplishing your aims in life. Latter represent the milestones towards your dream future. Your mission is the north star you want to follow. Joy is the compass which confirms you the right direction. Do more of the things you love. They’re usually based on your passions. The crazier you’re about something, easier you’ll be able to truly master it and the better you use your lifetime. Always bear in mind that you’re only a few decades on this planet. Life is too short to do things you don’t love. Yet many people apparently think they live forever (or that they got a second life in their trunk).

What happens if you only seek pleasure?

Life is about balance though. Don’t only rely on your compass. It might lead you astray. Especially the outside world bears many temptations. I used to be a hedonist par excellence. Party, girls, and everything else you can imagine a big-city-boy is after in his wild years. Yet I experienced that one-sidedness leads to emptiness. Especially without having defined an individual reason for existence. So know what you want. Then go after it. Some challenges might arise. Consider them being extra weights the universe puts on your dumb bells. It only wants to make you stronger and trusts you to lift them.

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