There is barely a social trend as huge as Nutrition & Energy.

Many people nowadays want to find the silver bullet to well-being. The higher the demand, the more divers supply alternatives become. One of the rather traditional approaches is vegan. Vegan means avoiding animal based food. Some take vegan as a lifestyle. They reject anything made of animals. Kudos to them for preventing additional animal suffering and for managing their karma accounts tightly.

Anyway, is vegan healthier than other diets?

One thing is for sure: The lifestyle of a citizen in the “developed world” doesn’t require any meat consumption. There’s an abundance of plant-based alternatives in the supermarket next door. We don’t need to run 10 miles per day to hunt Mammuts (yet some of us do for various other reasons). Also, our houses are warm and cosy, so that we can leave the high-caloric fatty fish to Eskimos. In addition, animal-based fats and proteins as well as milk are subordinate to many plant-based alternatives when it comes to their nutritional values and/or your ability to digest them. Besides: Some studies show that animal products can harm our bodies in the long run (see “China Study”).

Ok, vegan can be more healthy. Yet do vegans really live more healthy?

Many vegans I know have been “forced” into veganism by serious diseases. Although they drop animal products from their diet plans, they still eat a lot of processed food, wheat and sugar. As mentioned, there’re alternatives available and people are inventive. Tofu sausages can taste like meat. Yay! You still “spoil” your palate and have a good consciousness – towards your body and the animal kingdom. Wrong headed: Processed food with artificial ingredients can make you sick in the long run!

Many vegans live unhealthier than people on a “civilized diet”. So what do you need to consider?

The foundation of your food pyramid needs to consist of fruit & vegetables. This is what our closed relatives, apes, eat. They don’t age as we do when eating meat and they usually don’t get sick in nature. So there must be something right about their diet. Since these guys have a lot of time to chew and you don’t want to spend 1 hour over a meal, get yourself a good blender. Put the green leaves and fruits as per a 2:1 ratio in and blend. Voila: Your cheap, fast and super-healthy smoothie. Drink this predigested source of youth and heath 1-2 times a day. For all other meals, try to stick as close to nature as possible. It is already perfect. The more we add, change or take away, the unhealthier it becomes. In terms of mealtime, eat in the morning and at noon. In the evening, you want to practice dinner canceling every now and then. Food quality is generally more important than food quantity. Buy organic regional stuff or go into your backyard for healthy wild flowers. Know which ones are eatable though. Discover the tastes of nature, which are as rich as the ones of life.