We at ExperienceZone are all about discovering new things and turning them into habits. Of course, only those which fit our life-styles and support our missions. Every morning I get up to engage in deep breathing, grounding, yoga and strength training. This routine only takes 10 minutes and ensures the best start into my day. Why is that?

Pump up you body.

Sports & Relaxation are two ends of the same scale: Physical exercises. Sleep and mental techniques, like meditation, make your body relax. They regenerate your cellular system and make you gather energy. Latter you can use when needed. Thousands of years ago we got into fight-or-flight situations, in which a relaxed body ensured quick decisions, explosive power, and endurance. In our modern world, many of us are not forced to perform physical exercises. This is the problem. Our muscular system, which is designed to frequently release kinetic energy, degenerates. Hence, we run into gyms. Yet those usually fill up in January and empty in February. Reason being, we feel overcome by events and thus find excuses why we cannot work out today. One resolution might be home workouts in the morning. Upsides are that you flex your body straight after sleep and operate in a very time efficient way. Chances are that you successfully craft and habituate an effective physical workout program.

Find the right mix.

Strength, balance and flexibility. This is what yoga is all about. Together with bio-energetic exercises, it preps me for my day – physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are hundreds of other workout types though, which you can integrate into your daily work out. Do you like endurance sports? Go for a run or jump on your bike! Do you want to get stronger? Grab some dumb bells! Most important is that you develop a program, which fits your needs and you can run on a daily basis. Best case in the morning outside or at least with the window wide open. This ensures that enough oxygen gets into your lungs and brain. You will soon feel awake and mentally refreshed. Take a cold shower thereafter and tackle your day!