You want to get your dream job? Earn money by following your heart? Make your passion your profession? It’s time to step up your application game! Instead of bribing the gatekeeper called recruiter, you can simply convince her to joyfully give you the keys to the kingdom. How? Well, let’s check it out the ExperienceZone way.

Brevity and clarity

“If I would have had more time, I would have written you a shorter note.” Getting rid of prosaic slack takes time – in any communication way, shape or form. Yet, essentialism is more important than ever. Why’s that? Nowadays, we’re being swamped with information from all directions. Every hour, we’re uploading YouTube videos, which one human being can’t watch in a lifetime. Every day, blogs articles are written, which no one can ever read. Recruiters are knowledge workers. They review hundreds of resumes each day. Google even receives thousands of applications per vacancy. How do you ensure that yours stand out? By sticking to the “one-page” rule. A single-sheet resume provides the overloaded HR professional your entire career history at a glance. No cumbersome printing. No staples. No flipping.

Brevity is necessary but by far not sufficient. It’s like a small plate without food on it. Hence, you want to structure your information in an easily digestible way. Communication is always about the receiver. So, how do you spoon-feed the stressed hiring managers? Think common sense. Consider your cover letter being a marriage proposal towards a company. First you outline what it wants, then you pitch your accomplishments and finally you match both. In terms of your resume, it’s about reserving most space for a reverse chronological documentation of your responsibilities and achievements. Personal information at the top and qualification highlights at the bottom. Each in one line. Period.

Destroy the competition

Yeah, you read right: There’s a war for talent going on outside. Yet, on the other hand there’s a battle for highly paid dream jobs alike. Here’s how you win it:

  1. Stick to your guns: Know where you’re coming from, who you’re and where you want to go. This requires you to run a personality analysis and gain clarity about your mission and aims in life. Also, you want to reflect on your professional life regularly. Capture any updates in your career tracking document. Essentially, it’s the long version of your resume. Latter represents always a one-pager containing the latest and most relevant work experiences as an extract of your career tracking document.
  2. Become a mercenary: Sit down every three months (note to self) and reflect upon the past quarter. Any new roles and responsibilities? Great, put them on top of your resume. Any new successes? Awesome, they are even more important. Like in every other situation in life, you’re selling yourself here. So, its time to act up a notch. I don’t mean lying but stepping the spotlight and enjoying it. Learn to sugar code information. Especially, if you’ve gaps in your resume. Turn risks into opportunities and bugs into features.
  3. Aim and shoot: Having an updated resume is half of the story. The other one tells your matching. The more information you gather about a vacancy, the more specific is your application, i.e. cover letter (or corporate marriage proposal) and resume in term of relevant skills as well as experiences. Kill two birds with calling the recruiter: Get from a cold to a warm relationship and get company or open requisition input by asking some smart questions. Take time to shape and ask someone for a 4-eye check – in terms of structure, content, spelling, grammar and prose. Then put everything (cover letter, resume and certificates) in one PDF file and shoot!