Community & Environment used to be buzzwords to me. In other words: I couldn’t care less. Others should work off their butts to defend human rights in China or save the last Snow Leopards in the Himalaya. Yet whilst bringing ExperienceZone to life, I discovered two things:

Firstly, communities are great levers for big time impact

I’m addicted to change. I love to change myself. This starts with cultivating new routines, from daily workout components to life-style transforming moves, like going raw. Also, I’m eager to help others to transforming into super-humans or do-gooders. Yep, I can just spark a fire within you. The door of change can only be opened from the inside. I dropped my hubris illusion that “I can change others”.

Communities represent groups of people. If I want to have an impact, I need to attend and contribute. Which routes do we want to cycle in my bike club? How do we want to reinvest the donations in my charity organization? What is the next ExperienceZone feature? Meantime, I make things happen rather waiting them to happen.

Secondly, planet earth counts on your support

It is high time to save our planet. As global warming progresses, the water level is rising and extreme weather phenomenons become more prevalent. In our ignorance, we fight each other instead hunger and thirst together. In my ignorance I used to rely on others. “Politicians, scientists and executives should fix this”. With that I gave away power and thus the ability to design my life plus the world eventually. Learn from my bad example. Don’t give away control.

Switch into active gear. Become a Social Superstar!

If you sit back and relax, you deny your creative power. Essentially, you behave like a victim. The little ball thrown in the air by the waves of life. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Gain clarity about which communities you belong to. Familiarize yourself with their purposes. Exit those which are neither aligned with your mission and aims in life. Stick to those 3-5 communities, which support your plans. Get to know influential people.
  2. Come up with creative ideas – to impact communities and our planet. Take every day or at least once per week dedicated time to brainstorm. No idea is too wild. Write them down.
  3. Reach out to others. Share your ideas. Enrich them with the view of like-minded people. The more an idea gets massaged, the better it usually becomes.
  4. Take action now. Don’t wait for others to make the first step. Become a forerunner. A lighthouse. The snowball, which causes the avalanche of positive change in this world.