You won, you tell everyone. You loose, you blame it on the circumstances. It’s great to be proud of ourselves and celebrate successes. Yet, often they’re the result of a failure series. If we don’t embrace latter as well, we miss out on valuable learning opportunities. Be smart and follow me here in an ExperienceZone manner.

Why both are important – failures and successes

Many people experience life as an emotional roller-coaster: If everything works out as planned, they feel like life lifts them up. In case challenges creep in though, they feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick.

In fact, you’re the only one handing out sticks. There is no objective reality. There’s just your expectations of how things should work, your perception of how they actually work and your memories of how they worked. All three are highly subjective.

Consequently, it’s you who decides every minute of your life, which end of the stick you’re handing yourself. Just drop the “winning or loosing” concept. It’s about the setting the right expectations (best case positive ones or none at all). When the stuff hits the fan, its about installing the right perception filters (best case a learning attitude). Looking in the rear mirror, you better memorize past events in bright colors.

Bottom line, you’re in control: You can have a positive attitude. You can see failures as learning opportunities. You can get up and smile again. Actually, the term “failure” or “mistake” implies already negative judgement. To me, there’re no mistakes but only feedback I receive. Latter enables me to adjust my course of action to get the results I want to have next time. This is what life is all about. We’re living in a world of constant change. Why not driving it?

Put a positive spin on everything

Happiness is a choice, not a reaction. In order to become happy, you need to embrace your “failures” though. Why? Well, those offer you the greatest learning and thus growth opportunities. Don’t miss them. Did you ever look back at a situation, which you judged negatively instantly, yet in hindsight it was one of the most important events in your life? If yes,  get your recommendations:

  1. Own your life. Take a deliberate decision to be the captain of your ship going forward. The Latin rooted term “decision” means “to cut off”. You let go of any possibility to not be in control of your life. The impact of God, other people or chance doesn’t fit into your belief system anymore. Full self-determination makes you the strongest version of yourself.
  2. Fail ahead. Whatever you’re up for, you got to do it. Especially those things you fear, since they bear the largest learning opportunities. Action is magic. Don’t hesitate. Jump fear straight in its face. What do you’ve to loose? Take risks instead of tippy-toeing through life just to make it safe to your deathbed. Life is a game and the world is its playground. Don’t stand on the sideline and complain about the rules of someone not complying to them. Instead, jump onto the field and lean into the experience.
  3. Learn and grow. Change your attitudes. You’re a manifestation of everything that happened in your life. Consequently your future life will be a result of your current thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Put a positive spin on those and you’ll accomplish your mission and aims in life effortlessly.