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Become a better person!

Nowadays many aim high and are willing to go over dead bodies to achieve their goals. I was guilty as charged. One fact became clear to me very recently though: The road to heaven is called altruism, whilst egoism leads you south. Why’s that? Well, here’s another ExperienceZone shot of wisdom.

What makes our world turn?

Humans are social beings. You can neither be successful nor contented without others. Trust me. I learned it the hard way. In addition to supporting each other on the way to success, being in company seems to be closely related to our collective mission. Let’s take a step back: We all want to be happy. That requires control over inner processes. These comprise thoughts, emotions and feelings. Thoughts are controllable to a certain extent by engaging in exercises, such as meditation. More powerful emotions and therewith resulting feelings are almost impossible to steer. They’re closely related to relationships we’ve with other people. If we feel physically or emotionally attracted to others, love emerges and subordinate positive feelings. If others scare us, fear creeps up and negative feelings. Bottom line: Love and fear are emotions others cause in us.

What do you need to do?

We all want to be love and be loved. This requires you to focus on two activity areas:

  1. Learn to love yourself. Folks only trust and love you as much as you trust and love your self. Essentially, others see you exactly as you see yourself – at least on a subconscious level. Your self-image represents the sum of your experiences until this moment. Latter are actually subjective perceptions filtered by your beliefs and tend to reproduce themselves. We strive for consistency. If you and your social network – especially your parents during childhood (mind other people) – tell you that you suck in math, you’ll most likely never become reasonably good in it (and maybe in no other natural science). If you learn to break this belief system though, sky is the limit if at all (mind Elon Musk). The first step is to know who you were, are and want to be. Run a personality analysis, check your attitudes and define your mission. Most importantly: Embrace the concept of self-determination.
  2. Care about other people. Today, someone who means a lot to me complained about not listening carefully. In fact, listening is a key skill in human interactions. We invented language to express our feelings, build up rapport and strengthen relationships. Give before you take. Listen before you talk. In conversations with others, I used to let my mind drift, since it was so busy with other unimportant stuff (mind the sand in the famous vase). Also, I would talk a lot instead of asking questions and really listening (rather than thinking about my response). This behavior is a recipe for social isolation. What do I need to change? Spend time with people – best case face-to-face quality time. Be sincerely interested in them. Reduce my air-time and let them share their views. Respect their opinions and focus on their strengths instead of calling out their weaknesses. Besides, if you talk, you only repeat what you already know. If you listen though, you can actually learn something. I’m on my way to become a better person. Are you?

The more you do, the more you can do

Ten years ago, I discovered a truism that became one of my axioms in life: The more stuff I do, the more capable I become in learning new things plus get them done efficiently. Why’s that? Let’s check it out the ExperienceZone way.

Action is golden

I’ve got a deep believe: One reason why we’re on this planet is to express ourselves. This might by the quality of our gender specific energies more apply to men than to women. However, even latter find fulfillment in outgoing recreational activities and career development since the start of their emancipation.

Expression requires you to create an intention. This usually starts with emotions, i.e. the inner processes that move you internally and eventually cause external exhibition. There’re only two emotions: Love and fear. Both will trigger action. Former let’s you go after the things you want and latter step back from those you don’t want. Emotions are impregnated by thoughts. They match your perception of the outside world with your self-image. This contextualization takes place in split seconds and give birth to feelings. They’re the actual cause for external action. Hence, all inner processes are just the raw material for outer performance.

External behavior makes you change yourself and the world actively. Inner processes have an indirect impact on reality and are thus harder to control in their direction and intensity.

Generalist vs. Specialist?

Bottom line upfront: Calm down. Don’t worry about being too broad and narrow. Instead follow your heart. This might sound cheesy, yet applies to all areas of life. If you want to dig into the details and become an expert in rocket science, knock yourself out. If you feel drawn to many different things, do those! Life is a playground. There’s no one stopping you except for your fear of failure. Preferences change throughout life. So as physical attraction turns into love for your partner, fields of interests morph too. Embrace that everything changes every moment.

If you trust your heart though, you’ll never fail. Why’s that? It shows you your passions: The people you like to be with, the things you like to do or have and the places you want to go. This sparks motivation, which causes conscious outside actions and subconscious inside programming. Both ensure that your dreams become true eventually.

Bear one thing in mind: Your brain expands with every new experience. Your mind opens and your horizon widens. This enables you to take new perspectives, approaches to problem solving and decision making. So, embrace new experiences but don’t go astray your core values and plans in life.

What’s your game plan?

Let go of in- and external stressors. Make up your mind instead:

  1. What drives you? Why are you on this planet? Don’t tell me you want to eat, sleep and repeat it all over again. This way, you put yourself on par with less developed species and don’t use your divine gift as a human being. Tell me you want to be happy. Better but not sufficient though. Too fluffy. We all want to be happy. The question is: “What makes you happy?” Follow me here: Happiness is related to love and being loved. Others are only able to love you to the same extent you love yourself. Hence, you need to love your self more than anyone else first. Self-love is a function of self-confidence. Self-confidence results from knowing where you’re from, who you’re and what you want to do.
  2. Who are you? Time is a mental construct. Hard to explain and to believe alike. Change is inevitable. Your self transforms naturally. Do you want to own this process or be an observer? There’s no objective reality but only perception. Perception is in your hands. You decide every moment how you see yourself and the world. In hindsight, at present and forward looking. In other words: You can change your memories, your current self-image and future life deliberately. You can have that good childhood and live your dreams already. Again: There’s no one stopping you than your limiting beliefs. This is not esoteric pixie dust but based on recent scientific insights. The only question left is: Do you want to accept responsibility for your past, present and future?
  3. Who do you want to be? Shoot, this is about you. You’ve been granted a few decades on planet, so use them! Define your mission. Derive your aims in life. Think and act big. Let no one belittle your ambitions. Surround yourself with inspiring and empowering people. If you want to try new stuff, just do it! Most important is that you switch into action gear. Focus on your goals, yet allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. Various experiences will make you a well rounded and thus interesting person assuming you keep your eyes on your objectives.

Take more deliberate decisions!

Life is a long sequence with highly frequent decisions. Every moment you’re making one. Large or small. Conscious or subconscious. I just decided to write about this topic (relatively large and conscious decision) and my fingers follow up on the keyboard (relatively small and subconscious decision). In other words: We’re deciding all the time. Even avoiding action is a decision. The quality of your life is a function of the quality of your decisions. So, how do you take better decisions? Let’s dive into it the ExperienceZone way.

We’re always on the run to…nowhere!

Success in our “developed” world is often the result of doing more in less time. Thus busyness can become an addiction. It means ‘having a valuable life’. We’re rewarded with money which allows us to buy stuff, which makes us feel even more valuable. No suprise that most of us engage in this rat race. Yet if we’re always down in the wheats, we’re not realigning to our mission. Also, we’re running the risk to become puppets and satisfy the expectations of others (incl. our partner, parents, children and friends) rather than living our own dreams. It’s like being on a fast-train, which destination we don’t know. We even don’t take time to look outside the window. We’re just too busy to make it run faster. The results are devastating: With the acceleration of our lives (mind that in the last 10 years our walking speed increased by 10%), burn-out rates as well as those of other stress related diseases skyrocket.

How do you escape the vicious circle?

  1. Make up your mind: Acknowledge that your’re part of the race. Admission is the first step towards change. Moreover, you want to feel an urge to shift gears. Just begin to write a no-to-do-list (documenting all activities, which you don’t want to engage in any longer) and/or craft your own eulogy (what other people should say about you when you’re dead). Those techniques enable you to take a step back and build the bridge to step #2.
  2. Define your mission: Why the heck are you on the planet? Well, you might respond that you want to become happy. Duh, everybody wants that. Yet only a few dig deeper and describe how they want to accomplish that. Countless ways lead to Rome. Lay your own path. Your unique reason for existence.
  3. Become an essentialist: A decision is a choice combined with an action plan. Once you select an alternative, you discard all others. They’re not part of your belief-system and thus reality anymore. In fact, those alternatives are only valid until you picked one. Afterwards all others vanish since reality changes with your decision. Hence you burn all bridges. This also allows you to focus on the things you want and relentlessly stop those activities, which don’t support your goals.
  4. Take a step back regularly: Our world is full of temptations. Even the smallest distraction might lead you astray. Realign to your mission every now and then. I’m reading latter daily and reviewing my aims in life on an annual basis. This brings me mentally back on track, so that I can follow up physically.
  5. Create and enjoy precious moments: Reasearch proves that accumulation of material goods don’t make us happier. Experiences do. Yet those need to be enjoyed. That requires time. Take it. You’re only a few decades on this planet. The older you get, the faster time runs. Design high-quality moments, which you’ll remember on your death bed. Everything else is just ambient noise.





Why do opposites attract?

We all know this phrase. We found it to be true in various situations. Seems like this truism serves us as a proxy for many phenomenons. I recently discovered that it particulary applies between partners. Hence, let’s uncover it the ExperienceZone way.

Everything in the universe is based on polarities

Day and night. Light and shadow. Heat and cold. All apperances are just expressions on different scales. Circadian rythms, brightness and temperature. One extreme cannot exist without the other. In fact, they seem to dance with another. Even more: One needs the other. Mind magnetismus. Likes reject and opposites attract.

Human relationships are energetic

Similar to magnetism, relationships are based on an exchange of energy as well. Latter is just on a another level, yet follows the same principle. Pushing and pulling forces. We call them male and female energy. Male energy is expressive, analytical and sequentially goal-oriented. Female energy is receptive, emotional and concurrently fulfillment-seeking.

Neutrality makes relationships fail

If one partner has an surplus in male energy and the other one a excess in female energy, their forces create tension. Tension leads to attraction between two human beings – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone embodies both forms of energy. Traditionally, men are heavy in male energy and women have more female energy. However, in the late sixties, men cultivated their female energy and wore colorful clothes and long hair. In the course of emancipation, women increasingly focused on their career. This lead to an equalization of energies within individuals and therewith in relationships. The results are a lack of tension and thus attractiveness between partners. Divorces, single towns and low birth rates in the developed counties.

What can you do?

We all want to be appreciated. Actually being loved. Genetically, there’re two different keys to the kingdom depending on your gender.

If you’re a man, you usually want to cultivate your male energy. Why the heck are you on this planet? Define your mission. Then derive aims in life for each area. Afterwards pursue them as the top priority. If you’re or go into a relationship, you need to love your partner with all you got. Express your male energy physically instead of trying to understand her analytically. Yet always show integrity to your goals and your unbreakable will to be free. This is the strongest attractor for your wife.

In case you’re a woman, you are invited to cultivate your female energy. Live and breathe love. Be there for your partner. Also, follow your dreams yet accept your receptive side. Test his integrity continuously as a vibrant relationship fills your heart. Show your emotions and allow your man to let his feelings out. This behavior draws him to you.

Polar energies are gender independent. Even same-sex relationships require one to be active analytical and the other one to be passive emotional. Don’t force yourself into an energetic pattern you’re not feeling comfortable with. Rather accept that you might have found a wrong match, but realize that polarities always offer challenges and thus opportunities for growth for both sides. On a sidenote: We’re covering the necessary foundational energetic differences here. Of course, you need to have similarities with your partner to sustain a long term relationship.

A new year, a new life?

2016 is here. Reason enough to relaunch the experiencezone blog and provide you shots of insights on a regular basis. More importantly: What does a new year mean to you?

As above, so below

Hermes Trimegistus was right: Our world is made of fractal structures and processes. Those emerge when planets move around the sun and they can be found in the design of atoms. In fact, there’re a couple universal laws, which apply to us humans as part of the earthly community. Essentially, we’re knots of a gigantic net, in which every thing is connected.

Moreover, we’re powerful creators

Humans are equipped with three powerful minds: Brains, hearts and guts. Those trigger inner processes, such as emotions, thoughts and resulting feelings that impact the outside world through expectations. Likewise, the surroundings change our biochemical make-up by the experiences we make. Let’s conclude: Our inner world forms reality through expectations and vice versa via experiences.

Put this epiphany into practice

Fake it until you be it: Always think and speak big framed into an optimistic mindset. A new year is a new life. Spring (childhood), summer (early adulthood), fall (late adulthood), and winter (old age). Many overestimate what they can achieve in a day (which by the way is a 4-step-cycle as well) but underestimate what can be done in a year.

Take a step back and reflect

Then define your mission. Why the heck are you on this planet? Don’t sell yourself short by only satisfying your basic needs. You’re kings and queens, who deserve more than eating, sleeping and repeating. Take use of the few decades you’re granted to live on this planet. Derive your aims in life and follow through. Too many gyms become ghost towns in February. Too many dreams burst due to a lack of commitment. Develop new tiny habits, which twinkles merge into a shiny north star for others to follow.

Did you know that digestion takes 80% of your energy?

Do you sometimes feel down after a meal? Well, it certainly tasted great yet leaves you with a bitter-sweet aftermath, which is called “energy drop”. Why and how does this phenomenon occur? And how can you prevent it going forward? Let’s dive into it the ExperienceZone way.

Your energy balance sheet

Everything in the universe consists of energy. It’s ever expanding since the big-bang. At square one, there was infinite density and temperature. Now, our climate on planet earth is decent and matter is well spread.

All energy is still there. Neither new one can be created nor can it be destroyed. It can only be transformed. Food is energy provided by plants or – worst case – animals. Hence, eating fuels your body with energy. Energy, it needs to function – physically and mentally. There’s one caveat though. The cheer act of digestion requires energy. Your jaws need to chew and produces saliva. Your stomach generates gastric acid. Your intestines host microbes, who dehydrate food and soak out the nutrients.

In order to maximize the plus side of your energy balance sheet, you want to minimize the energy investment in digestion whilst maximizing the nutritional value of the food you consume. This way, you’ve a net surplus of energy through eating and tackle your day effectively.

Be food-smart

I used to eat a lot of carbs, dairy products and processed sugar. Afterwards, I felt into the valley of low energy. It took me many years to find my ideal diet and way of consuming food. Whilst there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all, there’re universal dietary rules you want to bear in mind:

  1. Focus on quality. When it comes to food, you want to buy local and seasonal plant based food. Especially leafy greens combined with fruit are high in energy. Don’t confuse energy with calories though. High energy food can be easily converted by your body without friction or loss. High caloric food is dense in terms of its nutritional value, yet isn’t necessarily easy to digest – think red meat. Strive to become a good processor of food rather than eating tons of stuff. It will only slag your digestive track and thus weaken your digestive power.
  2. Follow the sun. As human beings, we’re aligned to the natural rhythms of our planet. So is your digestive power. It is strongest when the sun in in zenith, i.e. at noon. Hence, you want to have a mid-size meal in the morning, a rather large one at noon and at most a snack in the evening.
  3. Purify your food. Next to what you’re eating in which amounts at which time of the day, the way you consume food is paramount. A year ago, I discovered the advantages of a good blender. If you purify your food with it, your whole digestive track needs to invest significantly less energy to convert the food and extract the nutrients. So, get a good blender and make tasty and healthy green smoothies every day!

Why you are unique and similar to others alike

Did you feel like you’re special as a child? I did. Must have been around ten years old when I believed that my consciousness is truly something others don’t have in the same quality. Childish naivety or a profound discovery? Let’s explore it the ExperienceZone way.

We’re all part of the same species

You’re part of humanity. This puts you on par with me. On almost all levels. It includes the makeup of our internal processes: If we’re threatened, fear emerges within us. If we’re delighted, love creeps up. The same applies to our thoughts. If we’re challenged intellectually, we tend to think. Math exercises in school or a round of chess with our parents activate our left hemisphere. The crying baby might cause empathy triggered by our right side of the brain (mind David Pink’s great books). In terms of our external processes, we see the similar patterns. Feelings drive our behavior. We usually tend to speak before we act. Both have repercussions to our internal processes. Finally, our physical structure looks similar: We’ve a head sitting on a corpus with four extremities attached.

You only exist once

Here’re the relieving news for my childish ego: I was right: I’m different to others. In fact, we’re all unique, but only if you dare to take a closer look. Although our human characteristics are the same, the way they use them and how they look significantly differs. You like don’t like cheese. I do (although it’s not healthy). Yet as a child I hated cheese. You like hanging out all day on a Sunday. I hate it (too much of a productivity junkie).

Differences between you and me are caused by our unique genetic blueprint (the stuff your mom and dad inherited to you plus maybe a legacy from former lives). Also, our socialization, including education and parenting wildly differed. You’re and you behave based on your experiences. Latter formed your personality, belief system and your body (I know that the last part is hard to get). Yet, whatever you want to do with your life, i.e. in which way you want to be or act differently or similar (mind role models) to others is in your hands. Every moment you make a decision.

What do you do with these discoveries?

Let’s come up with some tangible steps. Here’re my recommendations:

  1. Mind uniqueness and similarities. Awareness is the first step towards change. So you want to run a personality analysis to find out who you really are. Also, you can travel the country humanity to explore how we’re treating each other and planet earth.
  2. Appreciate your extraordinary capabilities. Once you know where you’re coming from, who you’re and where you want to go (for latter, I advice you to define your mission and aims in life), your self-confidence gets lifted on another level. Reason being it’s based on a stellar introspection. This will enable you to act with skill and tact.
  3. Leverage individuality and commonality. Knowledge without application is like a car without an engine. You need to lean in your career, your social life, your health and self-development. In addition, reach out to like minded people. Those are on the same mission and are open to join forces.

Which employment type suits you best?

Qualification is the stepping stone for your professional life. Once you’ve acquired market relevant skills, you make a career choice. Yet, which employment type is best for you? Employee, freelancer or entrepreneur? Let’s check this one out the ExperienceZone way.

The three employment types

The world is yours. Especially if you got good grades in school and university. That’s what they tell you at least. Well, that’s only half of the story. The other one deals with your decision along the way. Which major do you pick? Which career path do you choose? And related to that: How you want to start in your career? I studied Business Administration and started to work for a huge consulting company. A great way to learn an grow by supporting various clients in different project formats and roles within.

After you’re a few years into your career, you want to reflect on your progress: How steep is your learning curve? Is learning still the most important criterion in this phase of your professional life? Are you satisfied with the make-up of your career? Periodic checks along the way ensure you to realign yourself to your mission, which is build up on your strengths and ultimately passions. Once you got disconnected from those, you’re not following your heart anymore. Instead you function like a robot, which is programmed to take care of food, clothing and shelter (I know that robots actually don’t need any of those).

As you grow, you want to be aware that the risk-and-reward profiles between the employment types differ. As an employee, you’re contributing to a company. Traditionally you’re receiving a fix salary plus bonus as well as benefits. This is a relative sure-shot with low risk and decent rewards. Once you decide to become a freelancer, you need to acquire customers yourself plus take care of the back-office stuff. The money first flows into your pockets straightaway. Hence, it’s mid risk and mid rewards. As an entrepreneur, you’re running your own business and employ people. This is high-risks (you need to pay their salaries) but can be high reward (since others generate revenue and thus profits for you).

Make career smart decisions

I’m still working as an employee and enjoy doing consulting. In addition I have hobbies, which complement my natural passions, like running ExperienceZone a platform for people to learn and grow. I’m blogging almost daily and share videos. There’re various ways to live your dream, Which one works for you?

  1. Get a skill edge: Qualification is the first step towards a great career. Actually, you need to internalize the concept of life-long-learning. Hence it might make sense to start your career in the corporate world to learn and grow after your initial qualification steps. Dive into the know-what, know-how and know-who in various environment. Get a T-shape skill-set, which means deep functional expertise in one area plus decent experience in related ones too.
  2. Embrace change: Everything changes every moment. This is how our world  are designed. If you let things change your life, you give up control. You work in jobs, which are actually not based on your passions. So, drive change proactively by taking control of your life. This implies regular checkpoints with yourself. Introspection in form of a personality analysis helps you to make up your mind about your career.
  3. Mind the pros and cons: Where there’s light, there’s shadow. Every employment type has up- and downsides attached to it. Being accountable for our employees’ food, clothing and shelter, puts pressure on you as an entrepreneur. Learn to deal with it. Plus mind the prerequisites. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. This means that before you change your employment type, say from an employee to a freelancer, you want to first establish a network of potential clients before you jump into the cold water.

How can you live more sustainable?

Ok, I admit it: Sustainability used to be a buzzword to me. Others should turn around the global warming and prevent polar bears from drowning. But who are the “others”? Yeah, humanity and societies consist of institutions. Yet, they’re run by individuals like you and me. So, let’s acknowledge that we’re on the hook to set the example. How? Let’s investigate it the ExperienceZone way.

Sustainability is a responsible mindset

You’re part of the highest developed species on planet earth. Being at the top of the evolutionary ladder is a double edged sword though. We can significantly change things for the better or worse. Let’s be honest: For the last centuries we did latter. In our egocentric drive to live more comfortable, we exploited nature without any long-term perspective. To put it simply: Growth takes time. If you cut off a oak tree, it takes decades for a newly planted one to grow to a similar size. In these decades, less CO2 gets captured. Small changes in our ecosystem do make a difference. Especially if we disregard their impact and cut down million additional trees. We can apply this phenomenon to many other areas, in which humans interfered out of ignorance or greed. The result is that we completely changed the make-up of our home planet in just a few years in terms of its climate as well as diversity.

Assuming you don’t want your grandchildren to live on a desert planet, then you need to step up now. Like Obama said: “We’re the first generation impacted by global warming and the last one to combat it.” So, we’re at an inflection point in world history. If we take the right measures now, we’ll save the world for ourselves, our ancestors and all other species. If we don’t though, we’ll destroy ourselves and everything alive eventually. There’re four areas, in which you can act more sustainable: Nutrition, clothing, mobility and travel. In terms of your diet, you want to eat primarily raw vegan food. If you buy regional and seasonal fruit & vegetables, you’ll have a great impact on the environment. When it comes to your attire, you want to buy high-quality clothes, which have been produced under “fair working conditions” and consist of natural products, i.e. plants which are domesticated, such as cotton. Mobility is key in our modern world. So, strive to take vehicles which don’t pollute the environment much. If you live in or close to a city, you can take public transportation instead of your car. Ideally, you ride a bike, which keeps you in shape and makes you enjoy your ride even more. Last but not least, travel is a huge sustainability lever. There’re a trade-off though: The more more exotic the places you travel and activities you engage in, the bigger your growth opportunities. Yet, going there is always associated with taking a vehicle, which requires energy. Either oil like a car or kerosene like a plane. Ergo: You want to maximize your experiences and of course recharge your batteries without polluting the environment too much.$

How do you live more sustainable?

This is a hard nut to crack. Sustainable behavior is a life-long task. Treat everything as a game, which you can improve continuously. Why? Well, it ensures to deal with it in a playful way with creativity and stellar motivation. Here’s the basic steps:

  1. Picture your dream world. Do you see humanity and planet earth at an edge? Do you agree that we need to turn the wheel now before it’s too late? If yes, then analyze how the world looks at the moment, including what we as humans are doing to our home planet. Then imagine the target state. Lastly, you want to define measures to get there.
  2. Hold yourself accountable. Don’t rely on politicians, scientists or entrepreneurs. If you want to change things? Great! Then you need to step up. Don’t sell yourself short. Most people are passively observing. If you switch into the active creation mode, you’re more than one step ahead. Now you just need to find and work on the right measures.
  3. Live and breathe sustainability. Change your diet. Be proud if you don’t have meat. Your body, the animals and planet earth will be grateful. Buy high-quality clothes. Your skin deserves to wear only the best material. Take the bike or walk to work. A great way to get daylight exposure, move your body and breathe fresh air. Explore your region. You don’t need to go far places. I live in Switzerland for instance. I’ve great mountains just outside my apartment. Surely there’s much to discover in your neighborhood too.

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