If there’s one first-stage success-killer, then it’s your beliefs. You can achieve what ever you believe in. This might sound corny yet is so true and real as the person you see in the mirror. You want to get rid of any self-limitations? Then apply my ExperienceZone recipe.

Tell me about your past and I tell you who you’re

Let’s start with the basics: Your self-image. It’s the result of everything, which “happened” to you in life thus far. Why the air quotes? Well, you’ve co-created everything. I know, it’s disappointing and relieving alike. Here’s my favorite example: Imagine your father told you that you’re a loser in sports. The more he’s been an authority person for you and the more often he echoed the message, the deeper it got written on your mental hard drive. At least subconsciously you believed him eventually. Not being good in sports became a part of your self-image. Based on this experience, you might now carry the belief that you’ll never be an athlete. Others better not ask you to play in their team. They might loose. This limiting believe restricts you to peak perform. There’ll be always moments, in which you need to put your physical skills to the test tough.

My little golf anecdote

I just returned from a golf-course. Key learning: My game is as good as my daily mindset. Period. Interesting, huh? Of course, you need to practice to become good in something. Yet if you believe that you’re good in it, you take the first step towards mastery. It already half of the story. Beliefs trigger energy. The raw materials for your game plan. As soon as you’re convinced of the “what” (I wanted to play at least one hole on par), you just need to figure out the “how”. I played with two balls, since I was alone and had the time. This enabled me to practice twice as much as with only one ball. Duh… What else did I do? I visualized (a classic in golf). Mental images are great levers to make beliefs reality.

There’re two basic phases to step up your game

First, you need to believe the right things. Positive ones, which help you to pursue your mission and aims in life. Don’t lay down in bed and think about Elysium or another dark science fiction scenario come true. You’re neither doing yourself nor humanity good with these manifestation efforts. Instead, envision us living in harmony with each other and planet earth.

Second, you better take action. The sooner, the better. Actions are magic. They transform the energy you’ve created by expanding your belief system and coming up with a game plan into tangible results. It doesn’t matter if you fail or win. Most important is that you try.

How do you break this down into actionable steps?

“Easy”, like my refresher dive-instructor used to say. Here’re my recommendations:

  1. Discover limiting beliefs: Run a personality analysis to find out where you’re from and who you’re. You might think this is a given because you’ve spent your life with yourself. Yet a clear picture of your strengths, weaknesses and thus any limiting beliefs is paramount to personal transformation. Otherwise you would not know where to start as characters are rather complex and abstract if not analyzed systemically. Hence, get over the awkward feeling of playing Freud or Jung. Self-reflection makes fun and is super-valuable. Based on it, you want to uncover any limiting believes. Write them down (e.g. I’m not a good athlete).
  2. Create positive opposites: Once you’ve documented 5-10 limiting beliefs in bullet points, come up with opposites for each restricting belief (e.g. I’m the best athlete in the world). Formulate them in such a way, which resonates with you, i.e. the positive believe needs to be simple, short and understandable. Put them next to your bed. Read them aloud after waking up and before going to sleep. Not robot-style but try to create images around them (e.g. how you score in sports). The more inventive you become around this, the faster your old dysfunctional beliefs get replaced by the new functional ones.
  3. Jump fear in its face: Actively seek for situations, which enable you to put your new beliefs into practice (e.g. sign up for sports tournaments). Why? Thought, feelings and words are nothing without actions. If you want to get better in something, you got to do it. Continue to think big despite initial failures (mind Michael Jordan got kicked out of his college basketball team). Stand up, smile and try again. Let nobody belittle your ambitions. Instead show willpower and persistence. Motivation always beats talent. You can be, do and have anything with the right attitudes.